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This tool allows you to work with the membership database that is created using the aspnet_regsql.exe tool (

* Create Single User
* Batch Create Users
* Create Role
* Assign/Unassign Role
* View Roles
* Reset Password
* Delete User
* Delete Role

Once you download the VS solution, change the connection string in web.config to point to your own membership database.
If you are prompted for username and password when browsing to the application, check the Authentication and Authorization settings in web.config or IIS.

This is not an application meant to sit by itself. It is meant to create users/roles in an existing application utilizing Forms Based Authentication for authentication/authorization. Assuming you have an application using FBA set up in IIS, do the following:

1) Download and unzip the project to a directory
2) Create a new website in IIS
3) Point the directory of the website to the project folder (for e.g. C:\FBATool\FBATool)
4) Open a web browser and browse to the website just created
5) Create Admin Role: click on Create Role. Type admin and click Create
6) Create Admin User: click on Create Single User. Type in a username and password, select admin in Assign Role. Click Create.
7) Secure the FBA Tool: Modify web.config file to allow only admin role access to the FBA Tool (unless you want it to be open access): Modify line 98 to:

<allow roles="admin"/>
<deny users="?"/>

8) Line 61 and Line 89 in web.config: applicationName attribute should match the application name of the application which is using FBA

Note: CSV format for batch upload is:

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