Project Description
This tools allows user-provisioning for aspnetdb database. Anyone familiar with Forms Based Authentication in ASP.NET might have used the ASP.NET Configuration Tool in Visual Studio to create/remove users and roles. This web application allows the same functionality, without VS.

This is not an application meant to sit by itself. It is meant to create users/roles in an existing application utilizing Forms Based Authentication for authentication/authorization. Assuming you have an application using FBA set up in IIS, do the following:

1) Download and unzip the project to a directory
2) Create a new website in IIS
3) Point the directory of the website to the project folder (for e.g. C:\FBATool\FBATool)
4) Open a web browser and browse to the website just created
5) Create Admin Role: click on Create Role. Type admin and click Create
6) Create Admin User: click on Create Single User. Type in a username and password, select admin in Assign Role. Click Create.
7) Secure the FBA Tool: Modify web.config file to allow only admin role access to the FBA Tool (unless you want it to be open access): Modify line 98 to:
  • <allow roles="admin"/>
  • <deny users="?"/>
8) Line 61 and Line 89 in web.config: applicationName attribute should match the application name of the application which is using FBA

Note: CSV format for batch upload is:

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